Psycho-Holistic Chirology

Psycho-Chirology Course , Part I

Psycho-Chirology Course, Part I


Hand Analysis- A mirror to your Personality

An Intensive Weekend Course

Lead by Tamar Zohar Shir


Holistic Chirology- The Hand Reading method of the new millennium, combines ancient knowledge with updated scientific researches. This method is being used as a personality diagnostic method: our abilities & inclinations, as well as our frustrations & barriers that block our potential to be fulfilled.

As well, the palm reveals health conditions – illnesses: acute & pre-disposition & an assessment of the energetic-psychic balance of a person. So we can say that the palm is a mirror that reflects the human pentagon template, through which our core essence life is seen.

Since we’re living on a threshold of an era that encourages us to be true to our core that should be based in personal expression, we need to bind our mental & health stamina with the feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment.  The need to reengage ourselves to our soul requirements is growing & takes a major priority in our personal preferences.

The holistic approach views the human being as a whole unit that functions on different levels in correspondence of the physical, emotional-soul & energy levels.

The diagnosis takes into account the different influences on all levels.

The Planetary view is my research-discovery of Chirology from the 90th (last century) that has founded the connection between the solar system (as was mapped on the palm of the hand by the ancients) & our soul & personality as reflects in our hands, in the spirit of the saying – “As Above So Below” (Hermes Tris Magistus).

This is all being revealed in the book of knowledge of palm-reading, that I recently created & published: The Universe and the Soul in the Palm of Your Hand- Holistic Chirology.




ספר- דף פתיחה קווים







The workshop will provide- in a unique holistic approach- basic practical tools of characterization of the human personality, via the study of the hand structure. The workshop will combine the active participation of the participants, with the application of the information with guidance & personal examination.

: Among the subjects that will be learned in the workshop

Psycho-Chirology Course , Part I Siena , Italy October 2012

Psycho-Chirology Course , Part I Siena , Italy October 2012:


  • The analytical/creative personality
  • The motor-coordination ability
  • The rhetoric & writing ability
  • Strong/weak personality: will-power, implementation ability, dependency/independence etc.
  • This will be, by learning the meaning of each Mount in the Palm & Fingers, the size of the hands; long/short,
  • stiff/flexible fingers;  soft/hard palms;   in actual practice one-on-one.

“The Lines – a magical journey to our brain patterns”  

 will be studied thoroughly in the second weekend to complete the Basic course.

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With light & love

 Tamar Zohar Shir  



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