Created, Edited & Published by Tamar Zohar Shir.  All rights reserved to the editor ©

The Poster “Holistic Chorology” includes 5 maps of hands, that reflect the 4 points of view which interrelate in the understanding of the hand as a whole.

The 4 points of view are:

The Esoteric view, The Planetary view, The Psychology view & The health view. As well, the basic division of the hand with The Lines within is seen as the 5th map.

The Poster- which is distinguished in beauty & quality – has been edited in the spirit of The Nexus Code – a holistic understanding of chirology, that integrates the sky map of the Solar system and the psycho design of man. This is being reflected in the spirit of the saying: “If you want to study man – study the universe; If you want to study the universe – study man, because, that which is above is that which is below.” (Hermes Tris Magistus, 3rd-century b.c). In the spirit of the saying above, The Solar System is viewed, with authentic photographs of each planet that were taken by Nassa. The fact of being a speck of dust out of the whole universe is being expressed by the background of the Milky Way on which the Poster was weaved.

The Price: 50 euro (not include shipping)


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