Personal Analysis

A personal analysis includes a personality psycho- diagnosis via the Nexus Code:

Psycho Palm Reading analysis of the capabilities, talents & targets,  as well as barriers, stoppers  & challenges towards leading a journey of life fulfillment.  It includes Finger Prints analysis that enhances the awareness of the pre-natal psychology of the soul.

The astrological & Numerology charts reflect the current situation of oneself, which throws the light on where to put his/her energy in the coming year, or those periods they need to take care & watch from or hold back! The Nexus Code combines these methods and allows deepening into pre-natal soul destination: which essence we carry from past life experiences, what are the karmic lessons we bring to this life in order to reform, alternate & purify our way towards a better-fulfilled life.IMG_4203

This is the  Soul Karmic analysis:  That starts a healing journey of oneself according to his/her capabilities!

It’s a fascinating & recommended journey (2:30 hours each). The Analysis is a directing & guiding tool, especially for those who seek the spiritual path, or for those who hesitate before making crucial decisions, job fitness relationship fitness/ problems, etc.

The Pentagram Empowerment Meetings: There is a possibility to pass 5 meetings of intensification and focusing on the main issues that were brought up in the analysis. It is more to do with solving a specific problem in various ways including- past- life therapy, palm-therapy, Theta-Healing,  Body & Soul Awareness to empower current life.

The prices for the Personal Analyzing- is 250 euro  & for The Pentagramic Empowerment Meetings- 500 euro for the 5 meetings

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