Past Life Therapy

Holographic Reincarnation – Past Life Regression Therapy

Pre-Natal Soul’s Choice

Lead by

Tamar Zohar Shir

    An Experience workshop

The Past Life Regression Therapy expresses the concept that the Soul is Eternal & choose to return & reborn on planet Earth,

in order to experience, learn, correct & sublimate its past lives traumatic experiences, thus creates its own progression on its eternal journey.

With this therapy, we realize that the unfinished businesses from previous lives are being kept in our Soul’s memory & direct our life today.

What will we experience throughout the workshop?

  • What stands behind the concept of reincarnation?
  • Is the origin of mental or emotional blocks which inhibiting our life progression, lies within early previous life experience?
  • Could the awareness of these memories throw light on those issues that we’re dealing with in our life, such as relationships…
  • self-acceptance… & shortage of all sorts  …
  • And… How does all this relate to our parents??

We’re going to observe the processes of your Soul’s pre-natal choice in a day of Understanding, Learning, Experiencing & Meditating

A Self Transformation & a progressive life development for a better future  

 “Face & understand your weakness if you want to overcome them”

It’s a recommended process for the therapist as well as to those who wish to understand their place & mission in this lifetime


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