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The first station was with Tamar Zohar Shir, who created what she called – “Psycho-Holistic Chirology”  that combines an Astrological & Numerological charts with the Palm Reading method. In practicality it looks like this: Tamar gets the person’s data- the date, time & place of birth in order to create his/her  Astrological- Numerology Maps.

In the beginning of the meeting Tamar create Hands Print & extract the relevant data for the analysis … The analysis takes an hour & a half. Few months have left since then, & in order to remember I listen again to the recorded meeting/ everything that was said were absolutely amazingly  accurate…  The Holistic Chirology

From the article “I Know Him as I  Know My Hand” by Tami Lubitch , Hayim Hacherim newspaper edition 44  May 2000


2.Your relations are rolling down. It doesn’t worthwhile separating, but it’s not as it used to be. Between you & you it’s too early to apply to your lawyer. Your partner refuses to start therapy. You’re stuck… you may try the Holistic Chirology, A unique diagnostic method via palm reading , body & facial language, astrology & numerology that was developed by Tamar Zohar Shir. A gimmick? Not sure…

From the article “The lines Determine” by Mirit Yanai , La-Isha  newspaper edition 2559, 29.4.1996



3.Tamar Zohar Shir, a Chirology, Numerology & Astrology diagnostician,  as well as an Holistic Chirology & Karmatic Numerology lecturer, over the last 20 years. “I was a film editor and developed simultaneously techniques & abilities   in these fields   from a deep love”

From the article “Her Song” by Havatzelet Damari , Yediot    newspaper edition 13.9.2004


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