Karmic Numerology

Karmic Numerology

 A Weekend Workshop

The Learning experience of Numerology is an enchanting journey of fascinating revelations of our Soul destination & Personality diagnosis, Relationship’s matching, etc.

We were born to a complex of the existing pattern as reviled in our date of birth &  name numbers, astrological influences & – of course- the genetic code (related directly to our parents,  our broader family, nation & religion).

Since we can’t change our date of birth… we’ll try to experience the significances that submerged in it & its combinations that become our destiny/mission numbers in our life.

We’ll get to know the hidden meaning of our name, &  see if we need to strengthen our birth vessel by adding a letter or a new name to the original one… or maybe it’ll be better to drop our nick-name that may reduce the possibility of fulfilling our potential… 

 The topics which are included in the workshop: IMG_1623

  • The numerological meaning of the 1-9 numbers
  •  Calculations of Destiny/ Personal Mission Number
  • Peaks & Challenges throughout our life
  • Personal year
  • Karmic numbers & personal karmic lessons…

Throughout the workshop, we’ll practice each map of the participants!

The workshop will provide you the ability to analyze numerological maps- to specify the persona & his/her line of development this life time… & how to maximize the personal qualifications each year…

No doubt-

It’s a very influential tool to upgrade your relationships & enhance your life in all levels…


Best regards for a productive & inspiring learning experience


With love & light




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