Hand-Reading (Chirology) – from Mystery to Knowing

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Hand-Reading (Chirology) – from Mystery to Knowing                       by Tamar Zohar Shir

“The hands, which by their shape & function are deeply connected to the soul, can supply us with the revelations on the psychological uniqueness- that is- the human character”… (Karl Gustav hung). The uniqueness of the hand as a tool that expresses our inner self is due to the fact that since the second year of our life we start to use the hands to express emotional feelings, such as: anger, sorrow, pleasure or affection. The hands play a major role in speech & allow us to express our uttermost deep feelings.

But… beyond that which we see there is a hidden knowing that relates to our hands…  It’s called – Hand-Reading (Palmistry) or Chirology.   This is an analysis-method for revealing the personality, the health condition & energetic-psychic balance of a person through a unique wisdom.

Actually the origin of western palmistry was in ancient Greece! It is said that Aristo found in Hermes’s temple a book, written in golden letters that reveal the wisdom & mystery of the hand, and this gave him the ability to prophesied Alexander the Great’s victory…

The name chirology is followed by the Greek word xieri- logy =chirology = the logic of the hand.

The hand is measured by its structure & shape, the level of the development of the various mounts and fingers and the characteristic of the lines in the palm.


The map of the hand is a reflection of our solar system:  each finger and mount in the palm is named after one the planets in the system. As we all know, the planets, by themselves, are called in the names of the Roman mythology’s gods (that followed the original Greek Mythology….)

 So, the traditional approach to palmistry sees man as a micro-cosmos which represents by his existence a sample of the whole universe. This perception echoes with the human need throughout the history, to understand the meaning of the universe as well as the meaning & purpose of his own life.

Hermes-Tris-Magistus, from the 3rd century b.c, expressed this urge in man in the following words ” If  you wish to learn about the universe, go out and learn about man; if  you wish to learn about man, go out and learn about the universe; since that which is above is below, and that which is below is above.” or As above, So below.

It was a long journey from that revelation of Aristo in Hermes’s temple, from a fortune telling device to the New Millennium psychology analysis of the hand. The palm is being observed as a mirror through which our core essence life is seen, our abilities & inclination are revealed, as well as our frustrations & barriers that block our potential to be fulfilled. And yes, there are signs on the lines in the hand (which are the basis of fortune telling), that reflects karma issues that we came to solve this life-time, so yes, there will be some signs that can tell us what is awaiting for us in the future… some for good some for “bad” (which I see as challenge to grow-up).   Since we know today that the lines that  are being curved in our palms reflect our brain’s patterns which affect both our thinking & emotional behavior, it is our responsibility to change & cure. These lines can change throughout life according to our intention for personal development. We can create our own destiny by applying conscious thought patterns that allow us even to connect to the whole universe, elevate & upgrade our D.N.A… so it’s not about fortune telling. It’s about knowing the better you that lies inside you and you see it not. Awareness is the first step of cure. That’s why a hand reading can act as a catalyze process for  a leverage to change for a better life preferences.

A thorough hand analysis Psycho-Chirology   that combines ancient knowledge with updated scientific researches aims towards professional guidance & personal development as well as, awareness to those aspects that inhibit progression.

Since we’re already living in the Aquarius era- that encourages personal expression on the one hand, & bind our mental & health stamina with the feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment, on the other hand- the need to reengage with our soul requirements is growing & takes a major priority in our personal preferences.

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