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 You are invited to the following activities in the detection arts lead by Tamar Zohar Shir: 

Holistic Chirology – Hand Analysis: A mirror to your Personality – A weekend intensive course

The intensive course will provide – in a unique holistic approach – basic practical tools of characterization of the human personality, via the study of the hand structure & lines.

The workshop will combine the active participation of the students, with the application of the information with guidance & personal examination.

The intensive course lineup:

Part 1

Chironomy – The Hand structure – a mirror to our personality

Part II

The Lines – a magical journey to our brain patterns

completes the Basic course.

37 academic hours – (28 full hours)

 What will you get out of the intensive course?

 You’ll be able to detect hands and observe:

    Natural abilities and talents for professional guidance & enhancement of personal potentiality

    The analytical/creative personality

    The motor-coordination ability

    The rhetoric & writing ability

    A strong/weak personality: will-power, implementation ability, dependency/independence, etc.

Via the study of the main Lines, you’ll be able to diagnose and penetrates more to the depth of:

    The ability to point-out crucial personal events in the past, such as emotional trauma or events from early childhood throughout the path of one’s life.

    Potential forecast to future events

    Recommendations for a personal & professional change of direction in life

For the therapist, this study will increase awareness of body-mind inter-relations which enhances the therapist –patient’s relations.







Holistic Chirology Course   * Diploma study

Highly recommended courses for educators, therapists, or personal counselors, who wish to improve, deepen and enrich their levels of diagnosis. Level I The palm is a reflection of the human pentagon template which can tell us about our inner self. Knowing how to read this map of our soul we can discover our inclinations and our energetic and emotional states can be unveiled, helping us find any instability.

The course, in its unique holistic view, will give each of the participants the basic tools to analyze personality traits by deciphering the palm map.

This level utilizes both esoteric & planetary views.

Level II: The palm in psychological analysis, that enable the participants to work as professional counselors.

Level III   scanning Health condition through the palms, combined with dermatological patterns, the fingernails & the analysis of the lines regarding to health conditions. An emphasis will be placed on the body-mind relations as well as pre-dispositions of hereditary illnesses, tensions & imbalances.

Level IV: A training period of specialization workshop, dedicated to practical work of hand analysis using handprints & live work with clients. 

Course duration: 34 meetings, 4 hours, each.



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