Body Language





The Observation & Detection Arts:

Holistic Chiromancy, Body language & Facial Physiognomy

For the purpose of personal awareness & development

Lead by

Tamar Zohar Shir 


You are invited to the following activities in the detection arts :

Body Language  -  Weekend Workshop   


The Workshop will provide you with basic observation tools by which to analyze your personality through personal awareness of your body, palms & face.

The ability, to observe, perceive &  accept (!) the picture revealed will help you discover your hidden potential,  get in touch with your dormant inner truth and better align yourself towards personal fulfillment.

The workshop incorporates both the active participation of its members, using the newly acquired knowledge on themselves and as a group, with Tamar’s personal guidance and  & evaluation.


Body Language & Facial PhysiognomyCourse

The course is based on a unique view that merges body language, facial physiognomy & the Pentagram – Energy -Code understanding of the structure of the palm into one holistic theory.

This theory sees in the awareness of our body’s movement, stability & physical structure/ formation a way in which to decipher the personality code the body projects onto us. For instance, comprehending the correlation between the brain hemispheres, the posture of the head, the ear-lobes, the thumb & thinking patterns.

This new understanding of the inner potential will in return lead to individual growth and personal fulfillment.

Course duration: 15 meetings, 4 academic hours each.










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