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For thousands of years along the line of human history, man has occupied himself with the question about the meaning of the universe and the understanding of his purpose within the inclusive system of creation. Hermes-Tris-Magistus expressed this urge in man in the following words ” If  you wish to learn about the universe, go out and learn about man; if  you wish to learn about man, go out and learn about the universe; since that which is above is below, and that which is below is above.” or As above, So below.

The attempts to study the human spirit and the forces which motivate life, have been done at various levels and from varied points of view – Science will use empirical methods to prove the nature of these forces, and the understanding of how they work and influence human life e.g. the secret of the functioning of the intricate machine in the complex, the brain.

Psychological theories will attempt to study the human soul by way of investigating the environmental influences upon a person’s development from infancy to adulthood, which will determine his ability or inability to fulfill his potentials.

The astrological point of view will examine human life through the cosmic influences on the planet and the mutual influence between the natal birth chart, which reflects the position of the planets and constellations in relation to each other at the moment of birth, and the continual flow of cosmic transmission that influences the life of the person at the points of synchronization with his natal chart.

A way to view this is through the description of a crystal. If we look at a birth chart from a three dimensional view, what we see is a picture resembling a Crystal’s colony. A person’s life can be likened to this crystal. It is a crystal from the point of view that it is fixed, it holds the full potential of one’s life in a coded way and it represents the core issue, the essence of this life.  It can be either radiant or dim according to a person’s fulfillment of the potential determined at the moment when this “crystal” was formed; i.e. at the moment of birth. This crystal responds to the influence of that same system which created it, and it continues to respond to the cosmic rays from the universal system which spirals through time and space, in synchronization. It is as if the crystal stands in place whilst the universal influences ” beam down ” illuminating a different facet of the crystal thus lighting up a new possibility to elevate and grow another aspect in one’s life. It is a permission given, and the person’s choice to respond to it or not.

 The esoteric-spiritual view observes the unseen worlds that exist within the complex.  One relates to body-soul relations that are coded in the human design in its core & resonate to the universe on a constant basis. The central theme here is the inner-built search in the human to discover his purpose and mission in life, both personal and impersonal.This   take into account by necessity, the fact that the human design is electro-magnetic by nature and is motivated by varied levels of energy, which express them in the form of the five (and seven) color power system, each on anyone of the fingers  .



Psycho-Chirology Course , Part I Siena , Italy October 2012

Psycho-Chirology Course , Part I Siena , Italy October 2012