As Above, So Below : If you wish to learn about the universe, go and learn about man ; If you wish to learn about man, go and learn about the universe (Hermes Trismagistus)

The Nexus Code

The Nexus Code Activation through Study, Personal contact & Therapy

Karmic Numerology

Karmic Numerology  A Weekend Workshop The...

Psycho-Holistic Chirology

  Hand Analysis- A mirror to your...

Personal Analysis

A personal analysis includes a...

More About Tamar Zohar Shir

Tamar Zohar Shir



מצגת תמונה1

  •  Since 1982 Tamar has been engaged in studies and researches, that had to lead her to the development of her unique hologram human plan, as well, to her diagnosis method, based on the concept of the Nexus Code. 
  • The Nexus Code reveals the connection between Man and the Universe, the Planetary System & the Human Hand and the Pentagram Energy structure of the human complex as a whole.
  • Tamar was a pioneer in establishing  Psych- Holistic Chirology in the Academy of  Natural Medicine as a diagnostic method for therapists.
  • As a personal consultant, Tamar also uses karmic Astrology & Numerology, as well as past life therapy and channeling, in order to help people enhance and advance their lives to the max


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